Tinklo keitimo į Ethernet tinklą modulis Inner Range Concept 995093

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  • CLOE – (Concept LAN Over Ethernet) is an interface for the distribution of the Concept 4000 LAN system over standard TCP / IP Ethernet networks. IP connectivity allows the LAN Concept 4000 to switch over IP network infrastructure, including 802.3i (10baseT) and 802.3U (100BaseT). Wireless communication can be achieved via WiFi routers and Ethernet / 802.11 access points.

    Each LAN over Ethernet conversion requires at least two CLOE modules, working in Master and Slave modes. The Master module is configured with a static IP address, while the Slave supports a static or dynamic IP address.

    Several Master modules with a Slave can be used in one Concept 4000 LAN system. CLOE uses standard TCP / IP protocol and all data is encrypted with 128 bit AES cipher. The CLOE Ethernet port also provides galvanic separation of LAN parts, similar to the LAN Isolator module.

    Convert RS 485 LAN Concept over Ethernet
    Conversion of Standard Concept 4000 modules to Ethernet LAN modules
    LAN Concept 4000 extension
    Using WiFi technology saves network costs
    Use existing IP infrastructure to reduce costs
    Multiple dislocation of one PBX in multiple locations
    Ensuring galvanic separation of individual segments

    Technical parameters:

    The CLOE modules are compatible with the Concept 4000 V7.42 and later, the Concept 5000 firmware 1.00 and later. They are compatible with all Concept 4000 LAN modules.

    Physical properties

    PCB dimensions: 95 x 95 mm (standard size D)
    Operating conditions: temperature 0 ° C – 40 ° C, non-condensing relative humidity 15% – 85%

    Firmware Requirements

    Concept 4000version 7.42 or later

    Power supply

    Supply voltage11 – 14 V DC
    Current consumption by default ~ 65 mA, max. 110 mA

    Network requirements

    Ethernet LAN10baseT / 100baseT (802.3i / 802.3U)
    Communication speed 19,200 Bd
    Ethernet connector RJ45

    Modules and address restrictions

    Slave / Master4: 1 Ratio (Max 4 Slaves to 1 Master)
    Number of modules on LAN Slave10 for CLOE V1
    Number of Master on Concept 40001 CLOE V1